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Phyto-isochronal Technology™

Research shows that CBD combined with other phytochemicals like turmeric and guggulsterone provides excellent stability, bioavailability, and overall therapeutic effects. Phyto-isochronal technologyTM provides the synergistic effect of CBD, guggulsterone and turmeric in a lipid matrix, achieving an effective time-bound system which releases the active molecules and their effects at equal time intervals. This unique sustained release system allows for the active ingredients to be released over a prolonged period of time, meaning the frequency of the dose can be decreased (which aids in compliance).

Polyshield Technology™

PolyShield TechnologyTM will revolutionize the way in which vitamins and minerals are delivered to the human system! It is a unique process whereby polyphenols (antioxidants) extracted from the pomegranate peel are used to shield vitamins and minerals, resulting in increased stability and potency, enhanced absorption and sustained release. Not only are we ensuring optimal absorption of the protected vitamins and minerals, but we are also providing powerful medicinal properties from the pomegranate peel itself!

PNS Technology

PNS technology overcomes the barrier of turmeric’s poor absorption by incorporating polar and nonpolar compounds of the turmeric root. The medicinal properties (called curcuminoids) are well protected inside a polar-nonpolar matrix. This ensures stability and delivery of the active ingredients to the specific sites without the degradation of the curcuminoids, ensuring enhanced absorption and sustained release.

Triple Carrier System

Triple Carrier System overcomes the barrier of poor transdermal penetration and absorption through a highly concentrated molecular amphiphilic (balanced hydrophilic and lipophilic) formula, meaning the molecules and active ingredients within it become both water and fat soluble. The result is penetration of powerful, natural analgesic and anti-inflammation ingredients to the target sites: the muscles, joints and nerves. 

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